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Featured – DIY Photography
Mike Roshuk is a professional Photographic Artist, Illustrator, and Graphics Specialist based in Edmonton Alberta. He specializes in merging the worlds of photography and illustration, creating beautifully rendered artwork ranging from scenes of fantasy to pop-culture inspired images.”
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Featured – SLR
“Artist Mike Roshuk has taken the dreams of thousands of young geeks and brought them to life with his recent series “Happily Ever After”. In the series Roshuk took the time to shoot models, and then digitally draw their space armor and give them their “Princess Qualities”.”
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Interview & Artist Feature – Vault Magazine
“Peace River-born and Edmonton-based comic artist and illustrator Mike Roshuk has been creating his own comics for over two years by adding digital art to photographs of real people. Now his Warrior Princess series has gone viral, launching Roshuk to a new level of international prominence.”
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